Third Year - AB PolSci

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Third Year - AB PolSci

By: jd_mark2002


BST Pics

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pics of BST Students (Main Campus!)
guys ano ngang ibig sabihin ng BST?? =)

originally posted on UCCtambayan
posted By: princessjhen_04


UCCian Logos

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University of Caloocan City Logo

Logo of UCCtambayan, the first UCCian webpage.


University of Caloocan City Main Campus

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another UCC pictures, are you here?


Your UCC, Now

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this is UCC now!, sadly as the year past, It is still the same old UCC


The Very First Post

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this is the very first post, of course first picture is me. All pictures found here is posted freely by University of Caloocan City Students (UCCians) in our Yahoo Groups called UCCtambayan